HbbTV-TA is redefining the boundaries of traditional  linear television advertising.

HbbTV-TA is transforming linear TV advertising, offering frame-accurate substitution and opening new opportunities for broadcasters.

With HbbTV-TA, television advertising is not only targeted and personalized but seamlessly integrated into the viewing experience, offering advertisers unparalleled precision in reaching their target audiences while delivering enhanced viewer engagement.

HbbTV-TA belongs to the open family of HbbTV specifications, ensuring broadcasters retain full control over advertising sales and operations. With HbbTV-TA, broadcasters can manage and monetize ad replacement processes independently, avoiding fragmentation and dependency on global digital platforms.

HbbTV-TA ensures universal compatibility across all TV brands and manufacturers, streamlining the addressable advertising process for broadcasters. By utilizing a single DAS HbbTV application, broadcasters can reach millions of TA-compatible devices seamlessly and efficiently.