Unlock the Potential of Addressable Advertising in linear TV across Europe


ATVI mission is to create across Europe a large, reliable and homogeneous Reach for the Broadcasters addressable advertising services using HbbTV specifications.

ATVI facilitates the full implementation of Open TV Standards for Addressable TV services and builds a large marketable reach to unlock full business potential of Addressable TV for Broadcasters and Manufacturers.

Addressable Advertising in Linear TV : the Next Frontier for Broadcast TV

As traditional linear Broadcast TV still attracts the majority of TV viewing in Europe, it is a major objective for Broadcasters to also bring addressable in their traditional linear services.

HbbTV-TA is redefining the boundaries of traditional  linear television advertising.

HbbTV-TA is transforming linear TV advertising, offering frame-accurate substitution and opening new opportunities for broadcasters.

With HbbTV-TA, television advertising is not only targeted and personalized but seamlessly integrated into the viewing experience, offering advertisers unparalleled precision in reaching their target audiences while delivering enhanced viewer engagement.

HbbTV-TA belongs to the open family of HbbTV specifications, ensuring broadcasters retain full control over advertising sales and operations. With HbbTV-TA, broadcasters can manage and monetize ad replacement processes independently, avoiding fragmentation and dependency on global digital platforms.

HbbTV-TA ensures universal compatibility across all TV brands and manufacturers, streamlining the addressable advertising process for broadcasters. By utilizing a single DAS HbbTV application, broadcasters can reach millions of TA-compatible devices seamlessly and efficiently.

ATVI is at the forefront of the evolution of television advertising.






Flawless ad replacement

ATVI recognizes and unlocks the immense potential of addressable TV advertising powered by HbbTV-TA, providing the essential tools to harmonize implementation and usage of HbbTV-TA.

The ATVI comprehensive validation platform ensures seamless integration of HbbTV-TA across a wide range of TV devices, empowering broadcasters to deliver targeted content to their audience.

ATVI ensures certainty and security for broadcasters using HbbTV-TA, with our unique validation tool verifying TV models' ability to deliver flawless ad replacement.

ATVI For Manufacturers

Elevate Your Devices to the Future of Broadcasting

Join the ranks of leading TV manufacturers who are revolutionizing the industry and growing their business with ATVI.
Our free certification process ensures that your devices meet the highest standards of addressable advertising technology, giving you a competitive edge in the market.
With ATVI, you'll elevate your brand as a pioneer.
ATVI Validation Tool enables easy testing of devices.

Key Benefits for Manufacturers

Recognition and Differentiation

Stand out in the market with ATVI-certified devices, showcasing your commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Meet Broadcaster Demand

Gain access to a growing market of broadcasters seeking compliant devices and maximize returns on your investments.

Lower implementation costs
Use a single clear technical reference applicable across Europe which is capable of satisfying all Broadcasters for targeted advertising.
Collaborative Partnership
Partner with ATVI for guidance, support, and expertise throughout the certification process, enabling you to navigate the complexities of addressable advertising with confidence and success.

Reach out to ATVI today to activate new B2B relationships and certify your TV sets for the future of broadcasting

ATVI For Broadcasters

Transform your broadcasting strategy with ATVI

Unlock the full potential of addressable advertising

Our comprehensive solutions empower you to deliver targeted, seamless ad experiences to your viewers.
With ATVI, you'll have the tools and support you need to stay ahead in today's dynamic media landscape.
Certainty and Security

With our unique validation tool, broadcasters can rest assured that their ad substitutions will be seamless, flexible and reliable, enhancing viewer experiences and maximizing ad revenue.

Streamlined Operations

Our verification process eliminates the need for costly and complex individual broadcaster testing, providing broadcasters with a trusted resource for assessing device compatibility.

Access to Verified List

Partner broadcasters gain exclusive access to our non-public Verified List, permanently updated, offering peace of mind when operating dynamic addressable substitution (DAS) services.

Implementation Support

We provide broadcasters with the ATVI Reference Application and Implementation Guidelines, offering a comprehensive model for building their own DAS applications.

HbbTV-TA made easy for Broadcasters,
thanks to ATVI

Contact ATVI today to take the next step towards unlocking the power of addressable advertising.


July 2024 : Happy to announce first ATVI certification !

March 2024 : ATVI announces agreements with TP Vision and VESTEL

November 2022 : ATVI announced at HbbTV Symposium in Prague

August 2022 : RTL and Seven.One announce the creation of ATVI

ATVI is backed by two powerful founding partners

As an independent company headquartered in Frankfurt, we work closely with major TV manufacturers to certify their models, using cutting-edge validation tools and processes.

Founded by RTL Television GmbH and SevenOne Entertainment Group GmbH, two of Germany’s largest broadcasters, ATVI is rooted in a legacy of pioneering addressable advertising with HbbTV.

Our technical solutions are designed to be accessible and beneficial for all European broadcasters, ensuring that the promising future of the television advertising is within reach for all.


Nicole Agudo Berbel

Managing Director

André Prahl

Managing Director

Peter Neumann

Chief Technical Officer